Mobile Apps Development

Bluebytes as a company is initiated by a team of experienced IT professionals. Bluebytes has realised the potential of mobile revolution. We deliver high quality and creative mobile applications for the customers across the globe. Our professional team of programmers, project managers, and technology consultants provide Advanced Mobile Application Development and Industry specific mobility solutions.

We at Bluebytes are pioneers in Agile methodology which ensures high customer satisfaction by delivering the applications faster, Cheaper and with high quality. We engage customers though out project life-cycle allowing them to test and feel the product much before the actual delivery and incorporates feedback and changes to Application to ensure it matches their expectations.

Our mobile application development team are focused on creativity and innovation along with technical competency to deliver high quality, effective, efficient and user-friendly applications that meet our clients expectations. Our resources have extensive experience in developing applications for Apple iOS, Android platform.

Bluebytes team will identify best solution for your business and develop high quality,Fast and Secure mobile Applications. We explore all possibilities of mobility solutions and recommend a best solution for you. Our enterprise mobile application developers have delivered complex apps across domains.The mobile applications that we develop are innovative and utilize the absolute latest advancements in technology to create apps that are unique and user friendly.

Our expert mobile app developers understand the criticality of time in Enterprise Application Development and hence keep a tab on delivering the app at the expected time frames. Bluebytes provides 100% Customer Satisfaction and believe in building long term business relationship to help achieve your business goals.

According to industry standards android devices are increasingevery day. Also as an open source OS, devices from vide range of prices and options are available in the market .This makes Android a first choice for many enterprises to reach out to their target customers. Bluebytes Mobile Apps developers understand all the possibilities that Android OS offers and also are up to date with recent OS upgrades. 

  • ADT (Android developer tools) - released by Google
  • XML for defining UI elements (part of the SDK itself)
  • SQLite database wherever necessary
  • Apache’s http classes for network communication

Unparalleled and innovative user experience makes Apple devices widely user accepted.  With a mature and secure operating system and with a beyond imagination user experience iPhone and iPad devices captured the market. We realise the immense potential Apple devices offers and our IOS development team is well experienced in developing industry standard mobile apps using Objective C and APIs provided by apple.

  • Objective C, C++

We develop any software and applications including but not limited to:

  • Organisation administration Softwares
  • Custom ERP application
  • Job and consulting portals
  • Real estate portals
  • Employee portals
  • HR Solutions
  • Marketing Software
  • Inventory Software